Social Customer Service Allows Startup to Outpace the Competition

Article originally from Social Media Examiner, By: Casey Hibbard

What I found interesting about this article is that it starts off with anecdote of a successful story that started off with NOTHING. An entrepreneur tells his story of how “awful” he is at sales, but his online running shoe store has been successful off little relationships. He was able to “wow” his customers with the best service provided and managed to deliver that same in-store experience through the Internet.

And what else amazes me? He did it without spending a nickel on outside advertising. His key to success is “to give online buyers a very personal touch and create bite-sized content for social media.”

Their tip, during their early years – sales went up nearly 40% after the store responded to a runner’s question through Video and that video was shared through another site.

Giving his users an extremely personalized service is what differentiates him from big players like Zappos. Examples of this are, thanking their customers for making a purchase, or generating videos for customers saying their shoes are on the way, and also what’s included are handwritten letters in shoe-boxes. Have you seen that before?

Daily, the entrepreneur hosts educational sessions on natural running and natural running shoes and also maintains his social networks, including blogs very well to keep up with consumers.

I think is a great lesson for many business owners to learn from. He really took “customer service” to another level and like in the Marketing Video from Wharton, he treated his first round of customers like gold and they eventually started spreading the love via their social networks. In the end, he barely even needed to touch his marketing budget. Valuable lesson.


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